Navigate to myWEbCLE and click on "Edit Member Profile". You will be directed to the Edit Member page. You can update or enter in your email address. Click "Save" to save your changes.
Continuing Legal Education (CLE) accreditation for most programs has been requested of all jurisdictions with mandatory CLE and specialization requirements. Participants seeking CLE credit must report their attendance via webCLE. Attorneys are awarded credit based upon the number of session hours they attend at a program. Information regarding CLE approvals and restrictions for each jurisdiction can be found on the CLE Jurisdiction Information map.
No more paper CLE sign-in table or attendance verification forms! The AILA CLE Center has improved the CLE paper sign-in and verification process with an exciting new CLE credit web-based service—webCLE. webCLE allows attendees to record CLE credit at anytime and for a limited time after the program. Attendees of AILA National programs will use webCLE to report attendance and receive certificates.
webCLE is new format for recording CLE credit for all AILA National events. Instead of paper sign-in sheets or verification forms, webCLE offers attendees the ability to record attendance in individual sessions electronically. Keep track of the sessions you attend. At the end of the day, or at the end of the event, login to submit the courses you attended and receive a report detailing the total credits you earned. For CLE credit in DE, IL and CA, please login daily.
To receive CLE credit, attorneys must record sessions attended via webCLE (located on AILA’s CLE Center). Please keep track of each CLE session you attend, including the attendance code that will be announced at the end of each session. Then, report these sessions to AILA via webCLE using the mywebCLE login on the top righthand corner. If this is your first time visiting webCLE, you will need to take a few moments to create your webCLE. Once your account is created, you will be directed to your mywebCLE Member page. On your mywebCLE page, you can record your attendance, view your jurisdiction information and CLE Credit History and print your certificates of attendance.
First, ensure that it is an AILA National event. AILA only reports attendance for AILA National events (local Chapter events are reported through your Chapter). If you still believe you are missing a CLE record, contact the CLE Center at
As a CLE provider, AILA must report attendance in some jurisdictions. These jurisdictions have deadlines for reporting. In order to meet these deadlines, we ask that all attendees record their attendance within one week of participating in the program. Please note that Delaware, Hawaii, and Washington impose late fees for late reporting. Attorneys in those states must meet the one week deadline or the late fee will be billed to them.
Yes, just be sure to indicate the states in which you are requesting CLE credit and the applicable bar numbers.
AILA Education Department staff members are happy to help you use webCLE. There will be an AILA staff member at every in-person conference or you can contact the AILA CLE Center at
A list of all specialized credit sessions will be prepared for each jurisdiction. Please go to AILA’s CLE Center to view the list for your jurisdiction.
A certificate of attendance is available on your my webCLE page. Attendees can submit their CLE credits and print the certificate upon completion or submit and login after the conference to print the CLE certificate from home or the office. A separate certificate of attendance will be provided for each state in which you request CLE credits.
Many jurisdictions are requiring further substantiation of proof of attendance. As a result, to ensure we remain in compliance with all jurisdictions and can continue to offer CLE credits for conferences, we are requiring that attendees report attendance codes.
If you miss the code, you will still be eligible for credit, by verifying via webCLE that you attended the session in its entirety.
Please contact your jurisdiction in regards to the availability of teaching credit. Contact information can be found on your jurisdiction's CLE Information Sheet available on AILA’s CLE Center.
Yes, you may still use webCLE even if you do not need to record CLE credits. You can use webCLE to record your attendance in order to print your customized certificate of attendance for your records. Please note, AILA is not responsible for reporting late submissions. Any sessions added after the deadlines are for personal record keeping purposes only and will not be reported by AILA for CLE credit.
You can log into webCLE at anytime to print your certificate or request a duplicate by emailing
Not all states require that certificates bear a signature, but every registered attendee will receive a signed certificate via webCLE to keep for personal records and/or to submit to his/her jurisdiction(s) as proof of attendance.
KY, MN, OH (additional form for speakers only), PR (required evaluation form), & WV must also fill out state-specific course cards or forms that are available through AILA’s CLE Center. Attorneys in KS and VA will receive forms specific to the event for their use in reporting credit.
No. The New York State CLE Board Approved Jurisdiction Policy is being utilized to determine the CLE hours available for New York attorney participation in this conference. Therefore, New York attorneys will need to maintain a completed AILA certificate to prove attendance during their reporting period.
webEvaluation is an online evaluation form that allows attendees to fill out program evaluations virtually anywhere via an electronic device (mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer). Attendees can access webEvaluation via webCLE. To complete webEvaluation, attendees need access to a web browser and an Internet connection. Puerto Rico attorneys must fill out a jurisdiction-specific evaluation and return it to AILA to receive credit. The form is found on the AILA CLE Center and should be returned via email to